beta Updated
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Special ships for active community players, account progress
Update 15.06
  • New ships!
  • bots aggression disabled for first 30 seconds
  • map size increased
  • modules drop chance from ships increased
  • Update 13.06
  • Grade system: Each module has a grade (D, C, B, A, S, lol). The higher the grade, the better the module, but the chance to find such a module is lower. The number of module improvements of one grade is limited to 5.
  • LootBox: lootbox will drop out from stones and ships, picking up which you will get the next grade to the module (of course if you find a box with the next grade). Important: when you pick up the lootbox with next module grade, the improvements on the module will be lost!
  • The bots become more stronger
  • If you attack station you get karma
  • Increased power consumption of modules
  • The range of the module is now calculated to the edge of the object, instead of its center
  • Update 11.06
  • karma(★): if you will kills players you will be punished
  • 'Keep calm and revive' button to revive with 75% and lose one level of module
  • score points gathering fix
  • skills activation changed: click on target to choose skills